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Signature Dishes

Our menus are filled with classic southern Italian dishes, and the below are specifically designed by our Head Chef, Girolamo de Gennaro, paying homage to his childhood.


This dish is inspired Girolamo's childhood memories in the seaside town of Molfetta, Bari. His home was located on the seafront, so he had the joy of having locally sourced and fresh ingredients. The combination of octopus, tomatoes, parsley perfectly encapsulates the calm and serenity of Girolamo's time by the sea in Southern Italy.

Indulge in our homemade Strozzapreti made with natural blue spirulina.

Special italian Pizzza with wine

Our trademark focaccia is reminiscent of Girolamo’s hometown where the Italian bread was always readily available, no matter the time of day!

Particularly on a rainy day, young Girolamo’s nonna would prepare fresh focaccia as a snack before school.

Our focaccia barese is freshly baked with rich, salty olives, tomato and oregano. Perfect with a glass of white wine and the burrata!