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Signature Dishes

Chef Patron Adam Simmonds commemorates his arrival to Spagnoletti with a new menu that honours the excellence of Italian cuisine. Together with Head Chef Denilson Da Costa Silva Salvanini, the Chefs have reignited traditional Italian flavours, with the plates below prized as the emblems of Spagnoletti’s culinary evolution.

Cured Salmon, Asparagus, Olive Oil

Begin your gastronomic adventure with our seasonal delicate salmon starter. Marinated in an array of freshly grown herbs from our rooftop garden, the Chefs feature this spring dish as a fusion of Italian and British produce, complementing the locally sourced British salmon with the fragrance of Sicilian olive oil, a flawless introduction to the culinary prowess of Spagnoletti.


A reimagination of the Italian carbonara, our agnolotti characterise the mission of Spagnoletti to imagine dishes that excite and satisfy from humble ingredients. Adorned with crispy pork puffs, our Chefs simply combine egg yolk, guanciale, and pecorino to craft each of these parcels of elegant and hearty goodness. The agnolotti enable a perfect harmony of authentic Italian cuisine and modern design, to deliver a mouthwatering culinary experience. 

Lamb Rump and Belly, Tomato, Aubergine, Soft Polenta

Our belly of lamb and lamb rump exhibit the excellence of Spagnoletti’s grill dishes. Slow cooked and finished over coal to achieve a robust chargrilled flavour, our lamb is presented on a bed of creamy soft polenta and adorned with seasoned aubergine and tomato. To compliment, the plate is finished with a rosemary and garlic sauce to perfectly balance the rich and fresh sensations of this dish.