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Our unique ethos is centered around flour, with high quality ingredients made fresh every day in the live pasta lab. Simple, honest Italian food is enriched with contemporary flair to deliver an uncompromised quality of flavours at affordable prices.

spaghetti alla chitarra

From lunchtime onwards, you can witness the making of agnoletti, rigatoni, oxtail mafalde, and stunning ciccetti dishes, lovingly created and served from the open cucina that takes centre-stage on the ground floor. 

Table in a row and drinks bar

Henry Chebaane is the creative mastermind behind the interiors of the Megaro hotel, fine-dining restaurant Magenta, and Hokus Pokus alchemy bar. At Spagnoletti, he has once again imagined a vibrant, stylish, and exuberant environment sitting behind the 19th century façade. The name and design are inspired by Charles Spagnoletti, the 19th century London engineer and inventor, who was responsible for the development of the telegraphic signalling systems first used on the Metropolitan line, and then on most of the British railways which were passing through King’s Cross Station. There are plenty of hidden surprises that were inspired by this innovator – around every corner at Spagnoletti, there’s something new to discover.

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